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At JH Richards we have the capability to manufacture and repair a range of bearings from 10mm to 1,700mm diameter, using bronze, steel or cast iron as a backing material, for a wide range of industries needing whitemetal bearing surfaces.


Working from either customer drawings or using reverse engineering techniques the latest CAD/CAM software is used to offer one of the most modern manufacturing services available. Completed bearings are measured on our CMM equipment and full inspection and material reports are supplied as part of the package.


Types of bearings manufactured and repaired include split pair journal bearings, bushes, thrust pads and tilting pad assemblies. Customers are also encouraged to meet with us to investigate if the bearing details can be changed to improve performance. Our flexible workforce and range of conventional and CNC machines means that we can manufacture large batch number or "one-offs".


We are also specialists in the manufacture and refurbishment of Hydrogen Seals for both OEMs and end users.


Being situated at the heart of the Midlands motorway network system and usually using our own transport we are able to offer a speedy collection and delivery service.

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