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We offer specialist Whitemetal Bearing fitting courses designed specifically to meet the needs of the electricity supply industry and mechanical engineering fitters. Tutition for up to four students is held on two consecutive days within your own workshops and training facilities.  



Students will acquire specialist knowledge in fitting white metal bearings into rotating plant machinery.



At the end of the course a successful student will have:


• Acquired knowledge and understanding of the basic principles and styles of white metal bearings

• An understanding of bearing failures and the ability to make recommendations for improving bearing life.

• The ability to use appropriate hand tools and consumables for fitting and scraping white metal bearings.

• Practical skills required for successful on-site white metal bearing scraping and installation.



Day One


White Metal Bearing – Knowledge

• Basic principles of fluid film bearings

• Identification and description of different white metal

  bearing designs                

• Bearing materials


White Metal Bearing – Practical Fitting Skills

• Safety, including COSHH

• Selection, maintenance and use of specialist hand

  tools and consumables

• Techniques and skills needed for scraping of    

  white metal


Day Two


White Metal Bearing -  Knowledge

• Identification of modes of bearing failure

• Recommendations for preventing bearing failure


White Metal Bearing – Practical Fitting Skills

• Comprehensive practical training in fitting and

  scraping of white metal bearings on our training rigs

• Introduction to appropriate NDT techniques and    

  quality control


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